Referral Partnerships

Our approach is to go far beyond reducing the harms caused by drug misuse, offering every support for people to choose recovery as an achievable way out of dependency. Aurora is a key partner in organizing clinical practices and policy around the principles of recovery-oriented systems of care. This principle results in a model of assertive and sustained recovery management.


Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Aurora Recovery Centre is dedicated to providing recovery-oriented systems of care. Our commitment to integrative recovery planning means we provide a broad array of supports to meet the holistic needs of the individual. Our services are designed to support recovery throughout a person’s life, acknowledging that needs change over the course of time. We incorporate services and supports that are gender specific, trauma informed, culturally sensitive and family focused. We tailor the support to the individual’s stage in their illness and resources in their life.  We identify these resources as recovery capital ~ internal and external assets that can be used to initiate and sustain recovery.  Together with our referral partnerships, we are transforming the lives of those who suffer from substance use and mental health disorders into healthy, capable individuals in recovery. Whether you’re a clinician, professional or employer, your role in the lives of people who suffer from addiction and mental illness is crucial to their successful recovery.


Workplace, Family, and Community

Misdiagnosed, untreated or ineffectively treated Substance Use Disorder (SUD) presents a serious risk to workplaces, families and communities. The risk extends far beyond safety concerns. Canadian research shows that the lack of an effective response to addiction disorders results in jeopardizing safety, production, employee morale, job satisfaction and consumption of benefits for workplaces. The financial and emotional damage done to families and communities is immeasurable in terms of the insidious, pervasive and compounding impact. When substance use disorder is addressed, you’re doing more than helping one person; you’re investing in the improvement of the whole system, whether it’s a family, workplace or community.

A workplace that seeks to minimize risk is well-advised to include substance use programs and supports to employee’s families, as well. The same exposure to risk can predictably occur when an employee’s family member suffers from an addiction disorder. Distracted by worry and stress, the employee may contribute to poor production or safety and negatively impact the team.

In the past, societal stigma reduced addiction and mental health to a lack of discipline and many people needlessly suffered or died. We now know that this neurobiological illness is not due to a lack of character. It is  a treatable illness that goes into remission given quality, compassionate, expert care.


Best Practices and Outcomes

Using evidence-based modalities we focus on the biological, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being of the individuals we serve. All therapeutic groups, individual counselling sessions, and psycho-educational components are presented from a strengths-based perspective that builds on the individuals existing assets. Best practices of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and DSM-5 criteria inform our commitment to contemporary evidence-based treatment. We incorporate complementary treatments that have been recognized to address the specific needs of our population. These include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Somatic Therapy and adjunctive therapies. All individuals’ treatment needs are comprehensively and expertly assessed with the most contemporary medical/clinical tools and information. From the first point of contact and throughout the treatment process, we implement step-up or step-down levels of care using research informed best practices.


Recovery is Collaborative

Our Recovery Management Systems are implemented in collaboration with physicians, psychiatrists, counsellors and employers. We recognize the importance of being united in the face of substance use disorders.Our commitment to recovery management means working with you or your organization in collaborative planning and ongoing care. Maintaining open lines of communication creates a safety net around the individual suffering and streamlines intake and continuing care processes.


Recovery Management Systems

Our Recovery Management Systems include:

  • Treatment readiness assessments
  • Family education
  • Family addiction program
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Individual counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Residential inpatient treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • On-site 24-hour medical detox
  • Extended care programming
  • Relapse prevention program
  • Recovery coaches
  • Community building social and volunteer events for alumni
  • Continuing care group therapy for individuals and family members
  • Community resources

Aurora’s Extended Care program offers individuals the opportunity to gradually return to work while remaining in care, or provide support in evenings and weekends while they work on their graduated Return To Work Plan. Together, this tightly woven network of resources creates a welcoming, accessible, and therapeutic community for those establishing sustained recovery. Aurora’s carefully designed approach means better treatment outcomes. Families and individuals are linked with resources that provide motivation, accountability and support. Everything is provided for a physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling life.

Why Partner with Aurora?

The benefits of creating a partnership with Aurora are many.

  • Workplace: improved overall morale, more productive employees, better communication and increased interpersonal skills.
  • Physicians and counsellors: addressing underlying or comorbid conditions that are impeding patients’ health and wellness.
  • Costs: adjunct expenditures that address collateral impacts of SUD on systems add up quickly. Treatment reduces those accumulated costs for corporations, organizations, and insurance companies.

Strong Partnerships in Addiction Treatment

Collaborative partnerships have always, in our experience, produced the best results. Aurora is constantly adapting and improving our Recovery Management Systems to include referral partners as an integral part of the treatment team.