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Our full service addiction recovery centre focuses on physical, spiritual and psychological well-being, using evidence based modalities. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable recovery by using a recovery management system and tailoring treatment to each individual. All therapeutic groups, individual counselling sessions, and psycho-educational components are presented from a strengths based perspective that builds on each individuals existing assets.


Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment

We are a full service residential addiction recovery centre that focuses on biological, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being, using evidence based modalities. The facility, previously a lakeside resort, has been updated to perfectly suit the needs of a premier treatment centre. On 25 acres, set in the serenity of nature, we are located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg one hour north of Winnipeg, in Gimli Manitoba.


Here's what we offer...

Detox: On-site Medical Detox Facility

At Aurora Recovery Centre, our professional medical detox facility supports you throughout your detox process. 24-hour care ensures that you are as comfortable as possible and can transition smoothly into programming. 

Personalized Addiction Recovery Plan

Aurora is a full-service addiction recovery centre that focuses on biological, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being using evidence-based modalities. The neurobiological illness of addiction impacts all aspects of life and needs to be addressed with integrative recovery planning. Planning that includes a broad array of supports to meet the holistic needs of the individual. 

Continuing Care Recovery Management

Our commitment to your Recovery For Life means we stay connected with you after you complete your residential treatment. Aurora Recovery Centre is a compassionate, understanding recovery community that will support you from the time you walk through our doors and throughout your lifetime of recovery with our continuum of care. Providing an array of supports and personalized services ensures your needs are met.

Transitional Housing & Sober Living

Staying grounded in recovery can feel incredibly difficult when you’re facing completion of your residential inpatient treatment. Knowing that you will need to make significant lifestyle and behavioural changes, perhaps a complete renovation of your life, means extra supports are needed.

New Dawn Family Healing

New Dawn Family Healing is a multifaceted experience that takes you on your own healing journey. We walk alongside you as you make your way out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery. We’ve witnessed profound healing in families regardless of whether or not the person with substance use disorder is in recovery. Aurora’s New Dawn Family Program creates an empathetic, evidence-based and trauma-informed group environment of safety and stabilization. Delivered by compassionate, credentialed, highly trained counsellors, our New Dawn addiction family program was created by expert pioneers in the field of family treatment.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program is for adults who suffer from alcohol dependence, substance use, process addictions and mental health disorders. Participants are engaged in building, or restoring their recovery foundation, while simultaneously incorporating new behaviours into their day to day lives.

Reconnect with Recovery Program

Offering you a place to reconnect, renew and refocus in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Addiction Awareness Training for Professionals

We recognize that addiction has a profoundly negative impact on systems and that healing those systems is the most powerful way to affect change. Aurora Recovery Centre’s Addiction Training provides education, resources and immersion in the treatment process. This experience will shift your perspectives while giving you actionable tools and access to experts in the field of addiction recovery.