Our Philosophy

With focus on integrative recovery planning, our philosophy at Aurora Recovery Centre is based on the knowledge that addiction is a treatable illness. Currently described as a neurobiological brain disorder, one of the primary characteristics of the illness of addiction is the continued abuse of substances or engagement in behaviours, despite negative consequences. The medical, psychological and social harm experienced by the addicted individual with the illness is extended to their family, friends and often to their workplace and co-workers.


Integrative Recovery Planning

At Aurora Recovery Centre, we recognize that this widespread illness is highly treatable. With expert care and a commitment to addiction treatment for the whole person, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health can be expected. We recognize that a period of intense, medical and professional care will provide immediate relief. However, in order to achieve sustained recovery, a recovery management system must be in place. Evidence shows that best results are achieved when all who are affected by the individual’s addiction are part of the recovery management system. Family members, extended family and representation from the workplace or a supporting organization make vital contributions to building a robust foundation of addiction recovery. Beginning at Aurora, effective addiction treatment case management continues in partnership with other professionals and community participants. This ensures that the level of care provided is informed by the level of risk seen in the individual. Recovery is not a straight line; adapting and adjusting the level of care in addiction treatment is a common need.


Sustainable Recovery Requires an Integrative Approach

By including family members in our treatment program, we increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. By engaging and educating employers we contribute to healthier work environments. Our New Dawn Family Program and Addiction Awareness and Training Program For Professionals support the recovery management system by educating, empowering and providing solace to the person with addiction and their families and employers. Ultimately, the individual will be capable of managing their own recovery from this illness using the appropriate supports. We provide comprehensive evaluations, detoxification when required, and recovery from addiction in a safe, secure setting. We bring compassion and understanding to the addiction treatment process, building your recovery on a foundation of respect and dignity.

Addiction is a treatable illness. With quality expertise and compassionate, respectful healthcare, you can Recover For Life.